UFC Fighter – Welterweight

From starting life on a council estate in South London to competing in the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, in front of 20,000 passionate fans and millions more around the globe – Danny “Hot Chocolate” Roberts is not only a truly inspiring athlete, but one of the UK’s best ever MMA fighters. Facing discrimination in his youth, Danny turned to a local boxing gym and his fighting career took off from there. Blessed with immense talent, Danny progressed to be a full professional boxer and his curiosity and drive led him to MMA. Danny lives for his son, Clay, who gives him a sense of pride and purpose and it is therefore fitting that he signed for the UFC in 2015 on the same day Clay was born!

Mouthguards are the most important piece of equipment for fighters, which is why Danny has worn OPRO since he started boxing at his gym. Danny is working with OPRO to deliver his inspiring story and educate fighters over the importance of wearing a top quality mouthguard.